On March 10 the Paris based Ensemble Aleph celebrated their 35 anniversary with a special program at their Paris residence, the Theatre de L’Aquarium at La Cartoucherie. The first part of the evening was a typical excellent concert featuring compositions by Ernest H Papier, Mauricio Kagel, Mark Andre, Giacinto Scelsi, Clara Iannotta, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Fabien Tehericsen and Bastien David. After the concert, there was a wonderful buffet complete with birthday cake. The Ensemble has been doing this for years, and it creates a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. After the buffet, there was a contemporary music ball. The Ensemble asked their many composer friends to compose or arrange a dance, in any style, and invited the public to dance along.

The program of the Ball:

Kurt Weill, Youkali (1934) Tango habanera. Arrangement Dominique Clément (2018)

Igor Stravinsky, Piano Rag-Music (1919) Ragtime. Arrangement Pierre-Stéphane Meugé (2018)

Christian Winther Christensen, JUMP (2018)

Fernando Fiszbein, Leonid Aléxandrovich (2018) Farandole d’inspiration balkanique

Christopher Culpo, Danse traditionnelle de Culpovia (2017)

Stefano Bonilauri, Dans cette Danse (2017)

Fernando Fiszbein, Mambo personal (2017) Mambo

Jean-Charles François, Salsa ? Pas certain (2018) Salsa

Bernard Cavanna, Un jour un charcutier (2015-2018)

Dominique Clément, Je suis Petit (2018) Cumbia approximative

Chico Buarque, O meu amor (1978) Boléro brésilien. Arrangement Fernando Fiszbein (2018)

Carlos Eleta Almaran, Historia de un amor (1955) Boléro. Arrangement Fernando Fiszbein (2018)

Claude François, Viens à la maison, y’a le printemps qui chante(1972) Disco. Arrangement Fernando Fiszbein (2018)

Tomas Bordalejo, Milongbe (2018) Milonga-Candombe

Jean-Pierre Drouet, Ricohtapop et Galop (1987) Slow rock et galop

Yes people really danced.

The Ensemble Aleph




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