The Four Freedoms
for clarinet/alto saxophone, trombone, cello, and piano (2017)

An Aberrant Patch of Blue
for two cellos and marimba (A2-C7) (2016)

Suite for Toy Piano (2014)

The Winter It is Past
mixed a cappella chorus (2014)

I Dream a World
mixed a capella chorus (2014)

Quilting Points
bass clarinet, viola, and piano (2013)

Amplituhedrons, Avian Courtship, Recursive Relations
for clarinet, tuba and piano. (2013)

orchestra (2013) Commissioned by Radio France for the National Orchestra of France.
Recorded in Paris April 23, 2013

Kinetic Grace
string quartet (2013)

Scattering Amplitudes
solo violin (2011)

Quantum Entanglement, Reflection and Rotation, Drift & Diffusion, Culpography
for clarinet, tuba and
 piano. (2011)

Of Ground, or Air, or Ought-
string quartet (2011).

for soprano and contrabass (2011).

The Queen of Cheese
mixed a ccapella chorus (2010). Commissioned by Musique au Val-de-Grâce.

Mundus Imaginalis
piano and string orchestra (2010).

Mine Eye
mixed a cappella chorus (2010). Commissioned by Musique au Val-de-Grâce.

A Literary Dinner
tenor and piano (2010). Commissioned by the Mirror Visions Ensemble.

After Midnight, Before Dawn
string quartet and 2 percussion (2007) premiered April 2008 by the Verge
 Ensemble, Washington D.C.

La Soufflance 
3 saxophones (2007) Commission from the Congress of Swiss Conservatory Saxophonists, Premiered in Lausanne.

Suite Intime I
piano and contrabass

Suite Intime II
flute, clarinet and saxophone (2007).
 Commission from the Maison des pratiques artistiques amateurs and the Auditorium Saint-Germain.

contrabass and percussion (2006), premiered July 2006 at the Bang On A Can Summer Music
Festival, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

mezzo-soprano and eight violoncellos (2005). Commissioned by the Rencontres d’ensembles de violoncelles de Beauvais.

To Madame Helvétius
mixed chorus and string orchestre (2005). Commissioned by Musique au Val-de-Grâce.

piano four hands (2005).

Love & Bananas Are Here, Psalmba, Paper Doves, Culpobility, Enveiling and Unveiling, Canto Atmosferico
soprano saxophone, contrabass, and piano (2003-4), Recorded by the Culpo-Richard-Herbert Trio on the CD Love & Bananas Are Here, Cristal Records.

3 Visages
string orchestra (2003).

for accordion and voice (2003).

Chemins Rebroussés
orchestra (2002). Commissioned by the Longwood Symphony Orchestra (Boston), premiered in Jordan Hall, Boston.

soprano and seven instruments (2002). Radio France commission for the show Alla Breve.

for Violin Cello and accordion (2001). Commissioned by the Trio Allers-Retours, Premiered at Expo 02, Morat Switzerland.

Four Verlaine Songs, and The Sea-Gull & The Ea-Gull
soprano, tenor and piano (2000). Commissioned by the Mirror Visions Ensemble.

Enfin, Prélude de l’Appréhension
flute, horn and piano (2000). Premiered by membres of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, Salle Cortot, Paris.

musical comedy for 9 characters (1999). Premiered at the Man in the Moon Theatre in London.

piano (1998). Commissioned and recorded by Guy Livingston, released on Wergo Records cd 60 Seconds for Piano.

The Game of the Sea Goddess
mezzo-soprano, cello and percussion (1998) premiered by the Ensemble Aleph (Paris).

Canti Ritmici
string quartet (1997). Premiered in Salzburg by the Koehne Quartet.

Five Nocturnal Preludes
orchestra (1996)

Il Ventesimo Secolo
chamber opera for five voices and eight instruments (1995), Premiered at the Théâtre Del’Angelo Rome.

Nocturnal Preludes
piano (1994)


The End
 tape (1994)

Echoes Of Glimpses
 chamber orchestra (1992)

Dances For Trio
 clarinet (bass), cello and piano (1992)

 flute and piano (1990)

piano (1990)

Aesops Fables
piano, ballet for children (1989).

Pianostuck Variations
piano (1987)

Nursery Rhymes
piano, ballet (1986).

Woodwind Quintet
(1985) recorded on the CRI label by the Quintet of the Americas (1996).

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