Thawing Mammoth



THAWING MAMMOTH is the second recording by the trio Fresh Frozen now the Succi Culpo Ensemble

The 17 compositions blend and move effortlessly between densely written, sparsely written, and freely improvised sections. There is a structural musical idea behind this recording.  9 titles composed by Succi orCulpo alternate with 8 collective pieces, and musical ideas circulate between the collective and written compositions.
Sometimes a whisper of a melody in an improvisation will burst forth as a main theme in a later composition.  Ora composition will be referenced in a later improvisation.

Every little phrase takes its shape within the musical dialogue. The effect creates a shared storytelling that largely avoids the melodic language and narrative associated with contemporary jazz. Moods come and go, mix and mingle: manic, lyric, quixotic, comic, lethargic, majestic and giddy.  Time floats, patters, stutters, hesitates, dissolves, stops, pulses and screams ahead.

And before you know it, the Mammoth is Thawed.


  1. Relaxed Contractions (Succi)
  2. Uncle Universe (Succi/Culpo/Benedetti)
  3. Recursive Humor (Succi/Culpo/Benedetti)
  4. Recursive Relations (Culpo)
  5. Madame Dubois (Succi/Benedetti)
  6. Quantum Entanglement (Culpo)
  7. Tired Tyre (Succi/Culpo/Benedetti)
  8. Thawing Mammoth (Succi/Culpo/Benedetti)
  9. Avian Courtship (Culpo)
  10. Wayward Delivery (Succi/Culpo/Benedetti)
  11. Liebe in Kriegszeiten (Succi)
  12. The Solemn Star (Succi/Culpo)
  13. Amplituhedrons (Culpo)
  14. Breakdown (Succi/Culpo/Benedetti)
  15. Reflection and Rotation (Culpo)
  16. Squirt Box (Culpo/Benedetti)
  17. Uncle Phella (Succi)


Achille Succi – Saxophones
Christopher Culpo – Piano
Glauco Benedetti – Tuba


Recorded by Khoi Huynh at Studio de la Seine, Paris on November 17-18, 2013
Mixed By Ivan A. Rossi at 8brr.rec Studio, Milano on December 6, 2013
Produced by Achille Succi, Christopher Culpo, Anthony Champfort y El Conjunto del Gallo Rojo
Artwork by Anne Graaff
Graphic design by Massimiliano Sorrentini
Special thanks to Pierre Fournel

Thawing Mammoth

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