Love & Bananas Are Here

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The music of the Culpo/Richard/Herbert Trio accurately reflects the diversity of it’s members, three musicians who compose and perform, with backgrounds in various musical traditions; classical, contemporary, jazz, as well as interdisciplinary experiences (dance, theatre, circus, opera), and cross-cultural experiences (Oriental, Brazilian, and African musics).  This diversity is integrated and transformed and the resulting aesthetic is not eclecticism, but wholeness. 

Thus the writing successfully incorporates components of different genres of music. It is at times very strict (as in « classical music »), at times very sparse (free jazz), at times very traditional (fixed, repeating harmonic progressions), and at times totally open (improvised music). 

This wholeness is also reflected in the group’s balancing of ensemble improvisation involving two or three musicians, with « soloist » improvisation.  Improvisation is used to illuminate and project the composition into spaces where one might not expect the musical materials to go, without allowing improvisation to dominate the character of the composition.    

Other manifestations of this wholeness is the openness to any method, type, or language of improvisation, and the manner in which the musicians are not locked into roles based on their instrument; each may assume responsibility for harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic elements depending upon the musical situation.


  1. Neige Grave (Herbert)
  2. Moons (Richard)
  3. Psalmba (Culpo)
  4. Kurz (Herbert)
  5. Paper Doves (Culpo)
  6. Enveiling and Unveiling (Culpo)
  7. Flores (Richard)
  8. Love & Bananas Are Here (Culpo)
  9. Canto Atmosferico (Culpo)
  10. Culpobility (Culpo)
  11. Actus Tragicus (Herbert)


Jean-Charles Richard – Saxophones
Christopher Culpo – Piano
Peter Herbert – Double bass


Recorded July 2004 at Maison de la Musique Nanterre by Etienne Bultingaire Released June 2005 on Cristal Records Art direction and illustration by Pete Jeffs

Love & Bananas Are Here

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